Dileni Strappy Sandal

Hi gals,

I want dedicated this post to you that love exquisite, exotic heels.

I just want share the pair of mule heels that I have been wearing from 2 weeks now. Schutz is like me Made in Brazil. 😝

If you follow Schutz on Instagram or follow some of their influencers you must have seen it before. I want introduce to you Dileni Strappy Sandal.

It’s a bamboo shoot-inspired stiletto heel with leather straps and finished with a square-shaped toe. I know the brand since I was 16 years old. Geez, it has been over 2 decades 😱.

Anyway, lucky you, the heels is on sale for only $74. They also have in orange color.

Super 🔥!

Before you think if is worth the price. I can affirm that it is worth your dollars. It is made of real leather. I just destroyed one belt that I have from them since 2003. I remember I bought it to wear with a dress at that time. I destroyed it because I wanted to use the chain. I love to recycle some pieces. Soon I will show the results.

What your thoughts about Schutz Dileni Heels?

I hope you have a great day!



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