It’s me again and I am back!

It’s me again in the blogging world. The quarantine time at home made me think about the old times blogging at Fotolog.
I remember going to my blog on Monday morning, so excited to share what I have done at the weekend. At that time in 2003-2006, I had a Fotolog account, and it was a form to share with friends and acquaintances our moments in a digital way.
I remember meeting lots of people living abroad. Some of them I met in person and still have contact with them. Of course, our lives changed, and a lot of them quit blogging as I did. Also, the Fotolog platform changed, and some of them as myself we migrated to and after WordPress. Well, I am back now, and I will use this space to post whatever I feel like doing—no worrying about what niche to follow. I am not here to compete with nobody. I just want to share my self-portraits and things I love.

One of the things I love to do is cruise around with my skateboard that I proudly mounted. Back when I was a teenager living in Cuiaba I would skateboard around my city and even travel to other citieds following my friends that used to compete. Good times! I feel this quarantine have made me think deeply about who I am. I can be closer to my 40’s but I still a lil girl in my heart.

Quarantine taught me to explore the hidden depths of my existence and have profound and revealing experiences. Emptiness is the same as clarity. When you are less weighed down it’s easier to see.

My vision to enjoy life has changed, and simple moments like that make my heart smile.

For you that took your time to read, I wish you a happy week! I know the circumstances are not what you hoped for, but try to take advantage to reinvent or find yourself.



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